Employment Relations Research Group


Led by Professor Erling Rasmussen, the Employment Relations Research Group investigates key employment relations changes whether it is caused by legislative changes, labour market changes or industry and/or organisational change. The Group is also largely involved with the New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations. This journal covers topics such as employment law and human resources management; a must for academics, students, researchers and policy makers. The editors of this journal are Felicity Lamm, Erling Rasmussen (Associate Professor and Professor respectively at Auckland University of Technology) and Rupert Tipples (Senior Lecturer at Lincoln University).

Group Objectives

The Employment Relations Group engages a broad range of projects, focusing on:

  1. Employment relations and human resource management issues and practices;
  2. Labour market trends;
  3. Employment law; and
  4. Conflict resolution.

The Group also aims to improve dialogue in the area of employment law through collaboration with the Employment Law Forum and the OHS Centre on certain projects and presentations. These forums provide both academic analysis of employment law development and the opportunity for discussion and debate on the law among employment lawyers and employment relations specialists.

Ongoing Projects

The 'Overworked Worker' Project
Description: This project is done in collaboration with the OHS Centre and union organisers.
Team: Employment Relations Research Group

Barriers to participation in conflict resolution
Description: This collaboration with the Employment Institutions follows the 2018 Symposium.
Team: Employment Relations Research Group

OHS Committees: their prevalence and influence
Description: This project will be conducted in collaboration with the OHS Centre at AUT University.
Team: Employment Relations Research Group

Hospitality employers and their ER issues
Description: Research projects and access to surveys conducted by RANZ will be developed.  
Team: Employment Relations Research Group

Employers’ role in and attitudes to employment relations change in New Zealand
Description: This long-term project focuses on researching various aspects of the employers’ role in seeking public policy and workplace change and whether these changes align with employers’ attitudes to employment relations issues. Several surveys have been implemented in collaboration with Massey University, Palmerston North.
Team: Barry Foster (Massey University) and Erling Rasmussen.

‘Working Poor’ and labour market regulations and transitions
Description: In light of the living wage campaign in New Zealand, this project overviews international research on overseas trends and experiences amongst ‘working poor’. The initial focus has been a comparison between New Zealand and Denmark.
Team: Jens Lind (Aalborg University, Denmark) and Erling Rasmussen.

New Zealand employment relations reforms and the quest for a high wage, high skill economy
Description: This project applies a historical, public policy and labour market angle to current and possible future employment relations reforms.
Team: Erling Rasmussen


Barry BrunetteBarry Foster
Bill Cochrane Clare George
Danaë AndersonDavid Williamson
Effie TheodorouErling Rasmussen (Lead researcher)
Felicity LammGaye Greenwood
Gemma PiercyJarrod Haar
Julie DouglasKatherine Ravenswood
Marcus HoMichael Fletcher
Mike FrenchPam Nuttall (convenor, Employment Law Forum)
Ronny Tedestedt Swati Nagar
Warren Goodsir 

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