Immigration and Inclusion Research Group


Led by Professor Edwina Pio, University Director of Diversity, the Immigration and Inclusion Research Group is devoted to the promotion of a richer and more sophisticated understanding of immigration and work. Group members work innovatively through pragmatic, thoughtful and authoritative research.

Group Objectives

Through building a corpus of multidisciplinary research, the Immigration and Inclusion Research Group focuses on how immigrants, including refugees, navigate the world of work, religious diversity in the workplace, immigrant entrepreneurship and the impact of immigration norms on diasporas. The theoretical lenses of diversity and inclusion, critical management studies and positive organisational scholarship are emphasised.

Ongoing Projects

Prostrated in prayer and terror: Religious diversity and identity work
Description: This project will explore the notions of identity for peoples who are adherents of minority religions are are visibly different immigrants. The research will provide insights for individual and collective learning in how identities are negotiated through various individual and organisational processes.
Team: Edwina Pio and members of the Immigration and Inclusion Research Group.

Immigration, class and work
Description: This project seeks to interrogate how class impacts work ethic minority, visible minority women. The aim is to underscore the importance of disaggregating traditional analytical categories which tend to lump migrant women, in particular non-white women, as one homogeneous group.
Team: Edwina Pio and Rob Kilpatrick.

Diversity, religion and inclusion
Description: This project largely focuses on gender equality and women’s empowerment in management, work and organisation. Focus is directed to Muslim women who practice Islam, and how such practice can create conflict at work.
Team: Edwina Pio and members of the Immigration and Inclusion Research Group.

Peace building
Description: This project looks at peace building from numerous perspectives to explore the relationship between religion, callings and careers. Using experiences from case studies, it is argued that religion give structure to those on the career journey.
Team: Edwina Pio, Rob Kilpatrick and Timothy Pratt.


Alison BoothAntonio Díaz Andrade
Chris Griffiths Edwina Pio (Lead researcher)
Eleanor HolroydErling Rasmussen
Faiza Ali George Thien
Guillermo Merelo Grace Wong
ed Montayre Kakala Vainikolo
Mahreen Baloch Margie Elley-Brown
Marjo Lips-WiersmaMaria Hayward
Mary HooverOksana Opara
Peter McGhee Pita Pura
Prabhash Parameswaran Rob Kilpatrick
Robyn BaileyRoy Smollan
Smita Singh Therese Walkinshaw
Thushini Jayawardena Timothy Pratt

Stakeholder Members

Ali Rasheed Irene Kumar
Jacklyn Lim Lian-Hong Brebner
Natina Roberts Paeru Tauraki
Tanya Nabat  

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