Immigration and Inclusion Research Group

Led by Professor Edwina Pio, New Zealand’s first Professor of Diversity, the group is devoted to the promotion of a richer and more sophisticated understanding of immigration and work. Through  building a corpus of multidisciplinary research, this group will focus on how immigrants, including refugees, navigate the world of work, religious diversity in the workplace, immigrant entrepreneurship and the impact of immigration norms on diasporas.

Group members work innovatively through pragmatic, thoughtful and authoritative research. The theoretical lenses of diversity and inclusion, critical management studies, and positive organisational scholarship will be emphasised.

Alison BoothAli Rasheed
Antonio Díaz AndradeDavid Trought
Chris GriffithsGhadair Alshemari
Edwina Pio (group leader)Irene Kumar
Erling RasmussenJacklyn Lim
Fennee ChongLian-Hong Brebner
George ThienNatina Roberts
Gina XuPaeru Tauraki
Grace WongRosemary Bond
Kakala VainikoloTanya Nabat
Mahreen Baloch 
Margie Elley-Brown 
Marjo Lips-Wiersma 
Maria Hayward 
Mary Hoover 
Peter McGhee 
Pita Pura 
Prabhash Parameswaran 
Rob Kilpatrick 
Robyn Bailey 
Romie Littrell 
Roy Smollan 
Smita Singh 
Therese Walkinshaw 
Thushini Jayawardena 
Tim Pratt 


Religious Diversity at work
Description: This project examines religious diversity in various organisations from the point of view of both the employee and employee. The research focus has been on consolidating the interviews done in previous years and adding on to this information through recent research in published journals and relevant magazines and newspapers.
Investigators: Edwina Pio, Tim Pratt