Immigration and Inclusion Research Group

Led by Professor Edwina Pio, University Director of Diversity, the group is devoted to the promotion of a richer and more sophisticated understanding of immigration and work. Through  building a corpus of multidisciplinary research, this group will focus on how immigrants, including refugees, navigate the world of work, religious diversity in the workplace, immigrant entrepreneurship and the impact of immigration norms on diasporas.

Group members work innovatively through pragmatic, thoughtful and authoritative research. The theoretical lenses of diversity and inclusion, critical management studies, and positive organisational scholarship will be emphasised.


South Asian diasporic working women and their contribution to social enterprises in New Zealand
The aim of this project is to identify and explore the organizational contributions of South Asian diasporic working women in New Zealand. The 2013 NZ census notes that the South Asian diaspora constitutes 11.80% of the total population, making it the third-largest ethnic group in New Zealand. While there is a growing body of literature which strongly emphasizes issues and challenges faced by South-Asian diasporic women at work across the world in their quest to acquire improved quality of life for themselves and their families, the bulk of research highlights challenges and issues in the context of ethnic identity negotiation, employment discrimination and immigrant entrepreneurship. However, research highlighting contributions to New Zealand social enterprises by South-Asian diasporic working women in New Zealand is relatively scarce. Hence this project will contribute to a more multidimensional understanding of the contributions of these diasporic women. Expected outputs are a journal publication.
Key researchers: Mahreen Baloch, Edwina Pio and Smita Singh

Religious Diversity at work
This project examines religious diversity in various organisations from the point of view of both the employer and employee. The research focus has been on consolidating the interviews done in previous years and adding on to this information through recent research in published journals and relevant magazines and newspapers. 
Key researchers: Edwina Pio, Tim Pratt

Refugee and Immigrant Millennials at work in New Zealand
This research study focused on the work experiences of refugee and immigrant millennials (RIM) at work in New Zealand. Through over 150 conversations and in-depth interviews with high-level-managers (HLM), focus groups with millennials and their parents and educators, this study serves as an aperitif to stimulate dialogic engagement across organisations in order to rupture current narratives and replace them with a dignity discourse on migrants and refugees as contributors to the fabric of our businesses, communities and societies. RIM have been defined as those born in 1980 and thereafter, often seen as the technology generation. This project focuses on powerfully compassionate disruptors or those who enable work for RIM where there is a closer match between education and skill sets and career opportunities.
Key researchers: Tim Pratt, Mahreen Baloch, Chris Griffiths, Kakala Vainikolo.


Alison BoothAntonio Díaz Andrade
Chris GriffithsEdwina Pio (group leader)
Eleanor HolroydErling Rasmussen
Faiza AliFennee Chong
George ThienGina Zu
Grace WongJed Montayre
Kakala VainikoloMahreen Baloch
Margie Elley-BrownMarjo Lips-Wiersma
Maria HaywardMary Hoover
Oksana OparaPeter McGhee
Peter LundPita Pura
Prabhash ParameswaranRob Kilpatrick
Robyn BaileyRomie Littrell
Roy SmollanSmita Singh
Therese WalkinshawThushini Jayawardena
Timothy Pratt 


Ali RasheedDavid Trought
Ghadair AlshemariIrene Kumar
Jacklyn LimLian-Hong Brebner
Natina RobertsPaeru Tauraki
Rosemary BondTanya Nabat

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