Wellbeing and Performance Research Group

Led by Dr Katherine Ravenswood and Dr Marcus Ho, the group is a hub for research and industry engagement relating to people’s wellbeing and performance at work both nationally and internationally.

Our members have expertise in a broad range of wellbeing and performance issues. Current projects cover topics such as:

  • aged care workforce
  • public healthcare management
  • wellbeing of public sector and professional employees
  • organisational resilience
  • organisational change
  • telework, work-life balance and job satisfaction
  • organisational psychology issues
  • workplace bullying


Adnan Khan   Anne Messervy
Barbara McKenzie-Green Barbara Myers
Ben Kenobi BeomCheol (Peter) Kim
Candice Harris Charles Crothers
Clare George  Coral Ingley
Diep Nguyen  Erica Hinckson
Felicity Lamm Gail Pacheco
Gaye Greenwood Gayle Morris
Jarrod Haar  Karen Lo
Katherine Ravenswood (group leader)  Marcus Ho (group leader)
Mark Le Fevre  Nancy McIntyre
Nicola Naismith Rachel Morrison
Rebecca Jarden   Ross Milne
Roy Smollan Sean Kimpton
Sue Yong Stephanie Rossouw
Thushini Jayawardena  Trish Corner
Valerie Wright-St Clair Wendy Wrapson

If you would like to become an actively involved research member please contact us.


Organisational resilience
How do organisations become resilient? This proposed research examines how organisations build their resilience as part of a resilient system comprising employees, employers, and communities. Through a multi-phase, multi-level research design, we firstly utilise case studies of organisations who overcome adversity and crisis to allow a construction of instrument to measure organizational resilience.  Secondly, we examine organisational resilience’s links to the organisation’s strategy, capabilities and communities using structural equation modelling of organisations in Australia and New Zealand. By dissecting the inter-related elements of organisational resilience, this research will contribute to developing resilience for the benefit of employees, organisations and communities.
Investigators: Marcus Ho; external - Tim Bentley (Massey), Stephen Teo (Edith Cowan), Martie-Louise Verreynne and Anna Jenkins (UQ)

IBM employee engagement survey
Analysis of IBM/Kenexa employee engagement survey 2015. This database examines a variety of factors that contribute to employee engagement in a range of industries. This project in collaboration with IBM/Kenexa.
Investigators: Gail Pacheco, Katherine Ravenswood, Jarrod Haar, Marcus Ho, and external - Jessica Xu (IBM/Kenexa)

Employer support for carers of older people
This study examines Alternative work arrangements and flexible working conditions are important ways of accommodating and combining the unpaid care responsibilities of employees with paid work. Changes to New Zealand legislation mean that employees are now able to ask for flexibility in their employment and, in a recent survey, nearly 90% of respondent organisations reported they provided flexible working arrangements. However, it is unclear how flexible working arrangements and other employment policies may take elder care responsibilities into account, and how such policies are implemented in practice. If they are implemented, are they seen by employees as an effective way of juggling their work and family commitments? As the population ages and the pool of people who have traditionally provided care is shrinking, there is an urgent need for employers to understand what actually works for carers if they are to have sustainable workforces.
Investigators: Wendy Wrapson, Barbara Myers, Valerie Wright-St Clair

Employers’ perceptions of ‘active’ movement facilitators in the workplace
The aim of the proposed study is to investigate: employers’ perceptions of the workplace as an appropriate setting for influencing employees’ physical activity and sedentary behaviour levels, whether employers are currently adopting any active design principles in their own workplace, and the barriers and enablers to doing so. This work will also include an assessment of any appropriate existing measures of Active Building Design/work practices which will feed into the study.
Investigators: Wendy Wrapson, Erica Hinckson, Irene Ryan

Sustaining growth in construction: workforce development
The overall aim of this research project is to provide industry engaged research investigating how demand for skill and labour can be met through encouraging women, Maori and Pasifika people into construction, retaining them and developing them in long term construction careers.
Investigators: Nicola Naismith, Katherine Ravenswood, Kate Sang