Wellbeing and Performance Research Group


Led by Dr Marcus Ho, the Wellbeing and Performance Research Group is a network of diverse researchers and industry practitioners relating to people's wellbeing and performance at work. It brings together research, scholarship and expertise on wellbeing and performance at work and builds on the growth in academic research and service development in this area. The Group is working to establish itself as a leading multidisciplinary, innovative and evidence-based consultancy group in the field.

Group Objectives

Our mission is to position the Wellbeing and Performance Research Group as a hub for faculty researchers and industry engagement relating to people's wellbeing and performance at work, both nationally and internationally. We endeavour to host research networking opportunities for emerging researchers and leadership and capacity development opportunities for more experienced researchers. The Wellbeing and Performance Research Group encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, internally and externally, in existing research projects so as to strengthen and diversify group capabilities. We then disseminate research to practitioner bodies and industry engagement.

Ongoing Projects

Wellbeing and Performance in small-medium enterprises (SMEs)
Description: This project focuses on wellbeing and performance issues for entrepreneurs and small-medium enterprises (SMEs).  The project group examines a range of issues to do with wellbeing including mental health of entrepreneurs, stress, and resilience.
Team: Marcus Ho, Jenny Gibb (Waikato) Stephen Teo (Edith Cowan University), Smita Singh, and George Thien.

Individual and Organisational Resilience
Description: This project examines the role of resilience in individuals and organisations.  There are two major streams of research within this project.  The first is focused on entrepreneurial resilience and resilience in small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs); and the second is focused on organisational resilience and performance.  Findings from the project will have significant implications for the wellbeing of individuals and organisations including the management of employees and best practice.
Team: Marcus Ho, Anna Jenkins and Martie-Louise Verreynne (University of Queensland), Tim Bentley (Massey) and Stephen Teo (Edith Cowan University)

Human capital leveraging and performance
Description: In this project, we analyse the role of strategic human capital and the firm. The implications of this study have significance for understanding the HRM-organisational capabilities link, including theoretical developments for strategic human resource management and the resource-based view.
Team:  Marcus Ho, Stephen Teo (Edith Cowan University), Christine Soo (University of Western Australia), and Amy Tian (Curtin University of Technology)

The Physical Work Environment
Description: This project examines how the physical work environment (and the way that change to the physical work environment is managed) affects employees on outcomes such as wellbeing, the quality of their interpersonal relationships and productivity. It focuses on outcome such as collaboration, resource and knowledge sharing and stress.
Team: Rachel Morrison and Roy Smollan

Stressful Organisational Change Project
Description: This project looks at stressful organisational change in a District Health Board. The research group looks at the experiences, motivations and processes important before, during and after an organisational change event.
Team: Roy Smollan and Rachel Morrison

Wellbeing from minority perspectives
Description: The New Zealand Treasury has developed a Living Standards Framework (LSF) to assess the impact of government policies on intergenerational wellbeing. The Treasury is committed to incorporating New Zealand’s diverse cultural perspectives into the LSF framework, of which this project explores. The Asian population is currently experiencing a number of issues related to the determinants of wellbeing, including health (mental health, non-communicable diseases and access to health services) and immigration (employment difficulties). Experiences of perceived discrimination also heavily impact their wellbeing.
Team: Sue Yong, Pola Wang (Hospitality), and Marcus Ho

Early Childhood Educators (ECE) Teacher Motivations, Work Design & Wellbeing Study
Description: The NZ government has increased funding for ECE through subsidies for private corporations operating on a for-profit basis and through not-for-profit organisations such as Kindergarten Associations and Kohanga Reo (centres that offer Māori language and culture immersion). Data shows that there has been an increase in the uptake of these systems of formal care. From a research point of view, most research in the ECE arena has focused on pedagogical and affordability issues. Some research (mainly conducted overseas) has focused on ECE teacher wellbeing. This project seeks to address the paucity of research on the motivations, work design and wellbeing outcomes of ECE teachers in NZ.
Team: Tago Mharapara and Marcus Ho


Adnan Khan Anne Messervy
Barbara McKenzie-GreenBarbara Myers
Ben KenobiBeomCheol (Peter) Kim
Candice HarrisCharles Crothers
Clare George Coral Ingley
Diep Nguyen Erica Hinckson
Felicity LammGail Pacheco
Gaye GreenwoodGayle Morris
Helena Cooper-ThomasJarrod Haar
Karen Lo Katherine Ravenswood
Kirk ReedMarcus Ho (Lead researcher)
Mark Le Fevre Nancy McIntyre
Nicola NaismithRachel Morrison
Rebecca Jarden Ross Milne
Roy SmollanSean Kimpton
Smita SinghSue Yong
Stephanie Rossouw Thushini Jayawardena
Trish CornerValerie Wright-St Clair
Wendy Wrapson 

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