Big Data

Many projects have a strong focus on utilising linked administrative data, and in particular the Integrated Data Infrastructure.

Selected current projects are listed below.

Residential movement within New Zealand: Quantifying and characterizing the transient population
The Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit manages a Ministerial fund for social sector research. It is under that umbrella that this project was commissioned. This study presents the first attempt at quantifying the scale of transience and vulnerable transience in NZ, and a description of who these people are. These findings will inform the work of a number of agencies who deliver services to vulnerable populations. Knowing who is at risk of being vulnerable transient could also contribute to social investment modelling being undertaken across social sector agencies.

Parenthood and labour market outcomes
This project follows on from the gender pay gap study produced in early 2017 and examines the parenthood penalty / premium and how this differs for men and women.

Low pay workers in NZ
This study utilises a number of ‘low pay’ definitions to examine the prevalence of low paid workers in NZ between 2006 and 2015. We also investigate changing patterns in this groups’ individual, household and job characteristics to better understand changing labour market dynamics over the last decade.