The following reports were produced by the Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication (ICDC). Earlier reports can be found on the ICDC website.

Internet Trends in New Zealand 2007 – 2015
After surveying New Zealanders about their online usage every two years in this period, AUT's Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication released a report showing the remarkable impact of the internet on our lives over almost a decade.

The report compares findings from the five World Internet Project New Zealand surveys which were compiled from more than 7000 questionnaires. It tracks key trends in how our online behaviour has altered over the past nine ears, across all major social groupings, and reveals how our daily communication, consumer interactions and sources of news and information have changed; in some cases, dramatically.
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The Internet in New Zealand 2015
The 2015 World Internet Project in New Zealand surveyed 1377 people about their usage and attitudes towards the internet. This is the fifth survey conducted by researchers at AUT's Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication since 2007.

A wide range of questions are asked about what devices people use, where they use them, and the time spent on the internet. We question people about their online activities such as information seeking, entertainment, buying or selling products, communicating with others, social networking and posting content online.
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