Project reports

Please find below a selection of our completed project reports.

Auckland’s Pre-Covid-19 Labour Market

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Key Researchers: Lisa Meehan and Juliane Hennecke

We have created a 3-part infographic series on Auckland’s pre-covid-19 labour market. Understanding how the labour market has been impacted by covid-19 should help us answer some meaningful policy questions in future, such as: What will Auckland’s post-covid-19 labour market look like and how can policy help it recover?

Infographic 1: Characteristics

Infographic 2: Snapshot

Infographic 3: Overview & Flows

The Value of Care: the 2017 Pay Equity Settlement

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Key Researchers: Julie Douglas and Katherine Ravenswood

Dr Julie Douglas and Associate Professor Katherine Ravenswood conducted focus groups and interviews with managers and care support workers to understand how the pay equity settlement afftected them. The report 'The Value of Care: Understanding the impact of the 2017 Pay Equity Settlement on the residential aged care, home and community care and disability sectors' was launched in 2019.

The Physical Work Environment

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Key Researchers: Rachel Morrison and Roy Smollan

This project examines how the physical work environment, and the way that change to the physical environment is managed, affects employees on outcomes such as wellbeing, the quality of their interpersonal relationships, and productivity. As part of this project, researchers were involved with analysis

Meredith Connell's move to purpose-built open-plan offices. In 2018, the report 'Living with open plan: a 20 month follow up on the Meredith Connell office move' was published.

Revolutions from Grub Street: A history of the magazine publishing industry

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Key Researchers: Simon Mowatt and Howard Cox (UK)

A comprehensive review of over 300 years of the business of magazine publishing in the UK. This project examined how firms adapted to changing competitive conditions, examining the impacts of technological changes and its impacts on production processes, labour, firm strategy and structure, unions and patterns of employment. A major output was a widely reviewed monograph.

Understanding Insecure Work

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Key Researchers: Gail Pacheco, Philip S. Morrison, Bill Cochrane, Stephen Blumenfeld and Bill Rosenberg

This project began by asking what could learned from the second Survey of Working Life (SoWL) released by Statistics NZ. While some excellent analytic work had resulted from the first SoWL in 2008, there was little official work planned on the second survey, and many issues around insecure work in NZ remained to be addressed.

Religious Diversity in New Zealand Workplaces

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Key Researcher: Edwina Pio

This report focusses on the need to acknowledge that we are now also more religiously diverse than ever before and if we are to live up to our reputation as being one the world’s most peaceful countries then we need to  respect, understand and educate ourselves about all New Zealanders faiths and cultures.

Other reports

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