Future of Work Programme

Future of Work Programme
Unique to New Zealand, the Institute’s Future of Work Programme addresses the challenge of rapid workplace change.

The workforce of the near future will be more flexible, collaborative and less secure, populated increasingly by older people and led by a generation with different values to their predecessors. Women will increasingly be at the head of our organisations.

The programme’s scope is broad yet distinctive. It is concerned with people, work (paid and unpaid), diversity, relationships, technology and how people learn and interact.

The programme is a truly multidisciplinary initiative, bringing together expertise in employment relations, employment law, labour market economics, health, ICT, industrial and organisational psychology, human resource management, occupational health and safety, design, tourism and hospitality and ergonomics.

The Future of Work Programme addresses important research questions within these themes:

  • Digital disruption of work
  • Workforce futures
  • Learning for future work

Solving real-world problems by bringing research and business together is central to our programme’s goals.