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Vulnerable transient population the size of Hamilton

New research shows roughly 150,000 people are considered to be 'vulnerable transient'. Kathryn Ryan speaks with co-author of the report, Gail Pacheco on Nine to Noon, Radio NZ. See also AUT News, Newstalk ZB, and NZ Herald.

Older Women Have More Fun

Author of the Wellbeing @ Work Study, Professor Jarrod Haar says, when it comes to work-life balance and satisfaction with life and careers, it’s women over the age of 55 who are the clear winners. He talks to Jack Tame Breakfast on TVNZ1.
See also AUT News and Newshub.

Jarrod Haar appointed to Marsden Fund Council

Business School Professor and Deputy Direct of the NZ Work Research Institute, Jarrod Haar joins a new cohort of prominent academics appointed to the Marsden Fund Council by Research, Science and Innovation Minister Hon Dr Megan Woods.

Is your job hurting your mental health?

Professor Helena Cooper-Thomas talks about whether people are more stressed by work than they were in the past, signs of stress, and how to deal with it. Part of the summer podcast series for the NZ Herald.

Low pay in New Zealand

MBIE commissioned this research to better understand the low pay sector within New Zealand, and the changing nature of this group in recent years.

Welfare system needs radical shake up

After nine years of National's so-called welfare reform, there is a certain irony in the fact that one of the most urgent tasks facing the new Government is welfare reform. The lesson is that welfare is for us all. It is not the "us-and-them" thing National would have had us believe.


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