The New Zealand Work Research Institute provides high quality research across a broad multidisciplinary programme concerned with people and work.

Parenthood and labour market outcomes

New report commissioned by the Ministry for Women, and written in conjunction with Motu. See also 1News, NZ Herald, The Conversation, Radio NZ, NewstalkZB, Stuff ,  Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Brisbane Times, WA Today and Victorious.

Word Internet Project New Zealand survey report 2017

The report presents internet penetration nation-wide and by regions, user activities, privacy and security issues, freedom of speech and the impact of the internet on those living with impairments.

Divorced women end up worse off than men

In 46 per cent of the separations the man gained financially compared to their ex-spouse, after taking into account the change in their family size. Listen to Michael Fletcher talk with Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB. See also NZ Herald, Radio NZ and Scoop.

Work's broader risk factors

Julie Douglas and Katherine Ravenswood argue that improving health and safety among aged care workers requires attending to broader factors, such as pay. They are featured in Safeguard magazine.

Vulnerable transient population the size of Hamilton

New research shows roughly 150,000 people are considered to be 'vulnerable transient'. Kathryn Ryan speaks with co-author of the report, Gail Pacheco on Nine to Noon, Radio NZ. See also AUT News, Newstalk ZB, and NZ Herald.

Low pay in New Zealand

MBIE commissioned this research to better understand the low pay sector within New Zealand, and the changing nature of this group in recent years.