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NZWRI strongly commits to engagement with external stakeholders and the public – such as businesses, government and the community. We highly regard the efforts of public commitment to disseminate research outcomes widely and translate findings for a non-academic audience.

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20 November 2020 - Econometrics Workshop

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Media engagement

NZWRI is regularly mentioned in the media. A selection of articles is listed below:

A three-day week? NZ telcos experiment with post-lockdown office life

NZ Herald - 2 July 2020

Associate Director, professor Jarrod Haar comments in the NZ Herald on the virtues of a three-day work week.

How can HR walk the anti-discrimination talk?

Human Resource Director, 27 June 2020

Associate Director, Professor Jarrod Haar talks to HRD about strategies to address ethnic diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Kiwis looking to change careers urged to give beekeeping a try

Newshub, 10 June 2020

NZWRI Director, Professor Gail Pacheco, comments on the potential prospects for Kiwis forced to rethink their careers. Gail notes that funding retraining programmes is a great start for those left jobless by COVID-19.

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