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NZWRI strongly commits to engagement with external stakeholders and the public – such as businesses, government and the community. We highly regard the efforts of public commitment to disseminate research outcomes widely and translate findings for a non-academic audience.

2019 Highlights

28 March 2019 - The Value of Care: the 2017 Pay Equity Settlement

This event launched the report 'The Value of Care: Understanding the impact of the 2017 Pay Equity Settlement on the residential aged care, home and community care and disability sectors', co-authored by Dr Julie Douglas and Associate Professor Katherine Ravenswood. View the livestream video.

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2 May 2019 - Price Effects of Special Housing Areas in Auckland

Dr Mario Andres Fernandez will present his paper investigating the causal effects of the Special Housing Areas (SHAs) programme on housing prices and the implications on affordability.This seminar is co-hosted by the NZ Work Research Institute and the School of Economics at AUT University.

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14 October 2019 - The Evolution of Gender Gaps in Numeracy and Literacy Between Childhood and Young Adulthood

Dr Marco Paccagnella of the OECD will present his research on gender differences in numeracy and literacy skills, including how the gaps evolve from age 10 to age 27 and if their evolution differs across countries.

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Media engagement

NZWRI is regularly mentioned in the media. A selection of articles is listed below:

More than 50,000 working households in New Zealand live in poverty

HRC, 25 November 2019

Research conducted by AUT’s New Zealand Work Research Institute and commissioned by the Human Rights Commission has found more than 50,000 working households live in poverty across Aotearoa. The Human Rights Commission reports some of the key findings of the research.

50,000 NZ working households live in poverty

RNZ, 25 November 2019

Nine to Noon interviews Equal Employment opportunities Commissioner, Saunomaali'i D Karanina Sumeo and NZWRI's Director, Professor Gail Pacheco on the In-Work Povery in New Zealand report. The interview features an in-depth discussion of the key features of the report and its implications.

How bad is poverty in New Zealand?

The Big Q, 25 November 2019

New research conducted by AUT’s New Zealand Work Research Institute has found that more than 50,000 working households are living in poverty across New Zealand. Louis Laws spoke with Dr. Alexander Plum about the institute’s research findings.

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