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NZWRI is regularly mentioned in the media. A selection of articles is listed below:

Auckland Council offers guidelines for healthier Diwali food

NZ Herald, 17 October 2018

Favourite foods might taste a little different at this year's Auckland Diwali Festival. AUT Director of Diversity, Edwina Pio, said festive food had an emotional appeal, and authorities should keep their focus on larger businesses who command daily choices rather than festival vendors.

Workplace diversity up for discussion

Newshub, 15 October 2018

Auckland DHB is fast-tracking Māori and Pasifika candidates to the interview stage to try increase diversity. Is it right for people to be given a leg up because of their ethnicity? AUT Professor Jarrod Haar thinks it is a positive policy change.

Māori, Pacific straight-to-interview policy likely to be copied: expert

NZ Herald, 14 October 2018

All eligible Māori and Pacific job candidates are being automatically fast-tracked to the interview stage for openings at Auckland DHB. The change has been made to try increase workforce diversity. Jarrod Harr, Professor of Human Resources Management at AUT, said the policy is positive.

Health innovation cuts ED admissions

AUT News, 5 October 2018

New research from Professor Gail Pacheco and Dr Kabir Dasgupta looked at the short-term impacts of the Health Care Homes model in Wellington. Commissioned by NZ Productivity Commission, the report showed a statistically significant decrease in Emergency Department presentations for patients at HCH practices.

Health care homes early evidence in Wellington

NZ Productivity Commission, 4 October 2018

New research from Director Gail Pacheco and Dr Kabir Dasgupta looks at the effects of a multi-disciplinary team-based model known as "Health Care Homes" implemented in Wellington. HCH involves health professionals working together in new ways with tools such as an online patient portal and GP telephone triage to tailor services to patients' needs. See the full report.

Work needed to progress gender equity

AUT News, 3 October 2018

Recent research from Dr Katherine Ravenswood and Dr Julie Douglass reports on the progression toward gender equity in the public sector. Results showed that the intention is there, but middle managers are often unable to implement gender equity policies due to a lack of operational agility in their agency.

It's official: Four-day week becomes permanent at Kiwi company Perpetual Guardian

NZ Herald, 2 October 2018

Perpetual Guardian has announced the four-day working week will become company policy. Professor Jarrod Haar's research on the original four-day trial showed that supervisors were able to maintain performance levels, while employees reported improved job satisfaction and a better work-life balance.

Workplace ageism: AUT Professor Jarrod Haar

Radio NZ, 23 September 2018

AUT Professor Jarrod Haar talks about the cause and potential solutions to stop workplace discrimination against workers over 50 years old.

Immigration marriage and dowry scams on the rise, says charity

NZ Herald, 12 September 2018

Hundreds of South Asian men are entering into sham marriages for NZ residency, and then using their status to extort dowry from women in their home countries. AUT University Professor of Diversity Edwina Pio said transnational marriages and their link to dowry, arranged marriages, deception and violence were often insidious.

Mind the gap: Money hurdles for women remain

NZ Herald, 10 September 2018

Women's financial positions are improving slowly, but there are still major hurdles when it comes to pay, penalties for being a mother, and a growing retirement savings gap. Professor Gail Pacheco said it was good to see the pay gap closing.

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