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NZWRI is regularly mentioned in the media. A selection of articles is listed below:

Counting what counts for women at work

Employment Today Magazine, August/September Issue 2018

Professor Gail Pacheco comments on how well New Zealand is performing in terms of gender equality at work. NZ ranked ninth in the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap report for 2017; the only country to retain a top ten spot from the previous year. One area of focus with regard to economic participation that still needs work is the presence of women in senior or managerial roles in the workforce.

'Give a little, take a little, let our hearts break a little' - diversity in the aged care workplace

Insite Magazine, 21 August 2018

New Zealand's first Professor of Diversity, Dr Edwina Pio, from AUT University says people often fail to recognise the heterogeneity that exists among migrant aged care workers, the majority of whom come from South-East Asia, China and India.

Rachel Morrison: the gender divide on job satisfaction

Radio NZ, 19 August 2018

AUT Senior Lecturer and NZWRI member Rachel Morrison reveals what makes people love their jobs. Her research highlighted the difference in how men and women experience job satisfaction.

How do you make time for the kids on school holidays and still keep working

TVNZ1, Breakfast, 17 April 2018

Research shows two-thirds of corporate mother's in Auckland say there is a challenge in achieving their work performance during the school holidays and 75% said they also felt guilty as a parent. Jarrod's interview starts at 2:11:24.

Gender differences at work: relishing competence or seeking a challenge?

The Conversation, 10 August 2018

Recent research from NZWRI member Rachel Morrison discussed the gender differences in whether people prefer feeling either truly capable or else challenged to stretch their abilities.

The four-day working week: Build it and they will hum

Stuff NZ, 8 August 2018

Professor Jarrod Haar said there was clear evidence that stress levels, work-life balance, job satisfaction and employee commitment all improved as a result of the four-day working week trial.

Kiwi mums talk about joys and challenges of returning to work post baby

Stuff NZ, 3 August 2018

Professor Gail Pacheco is part of a research team who found the wage gap between men and women widens to 12.5 per cent when they become parents.

The Week in Good News

The New York Times, 26 July 2018

Not all news is bad news. The four-day working week study by Professor Jarrod Haar featured in The New York Times' Week of Good News. See the extended article here.

Develop a career with purpose

YUDU, n.d.

AUT Senior Lecturer and member of the wellbeing group at NZWRI, Dr Margie Elley-Brown, says the first step towards a career with purpose is to determine what is important to you.

What makes graduates employable?

YUDU, n.d.

Employability is something all tertiary students need to work on from their first paper to the workplace. AUT Senior Lecturer and member of the wellbeing group at NZWRI, Dr Margie Elley-Brown, has noticed a surprisingly large number of students lack experience with job-preparation.

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