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Gender pay gap widest after pregnancy

Newsie, 29 May, 2018

A new report shows the gender pay gap widens once a woman becomes a mother. The research commissioned by the Ministry for Women found women face a 4.4 percent drop in hourly wages compared to what they would have received if they didn't have children.

Out-dated gender roles: Gender pay gap larger among parents than non-parents

National Council of Women of New Zealand, 29 May 2018

New research Parenthood and Labour Market Outcomes, commissioned by the Ministry for Women and undertaken by AUT and the Motu Institute, released today shows that motherhood generally still comes at a significant price for women – and that parenthood remains highly gendered in New Zealand.

Worsening gender wage gap a penalty of motherhood - study, 29 May 2018

The most famous mother-to-be in the country is due to give birth in less than a month, after which she plans to head back to work and her prime ministerial salary. That’s not the norm for most women, however, and research released today shows that motherhood generally still comes at a significant price for women.

5 questions: Prof Helena Cooper-Thomas

AUT News, 25 May 2018

Professor of Organisational Behaviour Helena Cooper-Thomas was asked five questions about her research at the time of her Inaugural Professional Address.

Blending business skills and tertiary nous

Education Central, 24 May 2018

Is the world changing so fast that skills learned at university will be redundant in future? Jarrod Haar says returning from the corporate world to study can result in wider opportunities when students go back on the job market.

Employers nervous to "take a chance"

HRD, 9 May 2018

Professor Edwina Pio, Management, featured in Human Resources Director, speaking on employers’ unconscious biases when recruiting/promoting refugee and immigrant millennial's.

Human trafficking victims 'travelled willingly' to New Zealand

NZ Herald, 9 May 2018

Despite global estimates that there are about 40 million human trafficking victims, AUT University Professor of Diversity Edwina Pio believes the number of true victims was much smaller.

How not to retire

MSN News, 30 April 2018

While working longer is generally agreed to be a good thing, so the article, the report points to the fact that employers appear not to be prepared for the stampede.

Mothers bear financial brunt of break-ups

Radio NZ, 19 April 2018

In a world first study AUT's Michael Fletcher has found it's mothers who are financially worse off after a relationship breaks up. Family law expert Kirsty Swadling explains why and what can be done to protect mothers financially.

Post-split parents on financial back foot

Scoop, 19 April 2018

The financial fallout of relationship failure hits women with children hard, with a 19% fall in their income after a break-up, according to new research from AUT.

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