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NZWRI is regularly mentioned in the media. A selection of articles is listed below:

Evidence crucial in uncertain times

AUT, 8 October 2020

Professor Jarrod Haar, one of NZWRI's Associate Directors, studied 600 employees across Alert levels 4 and 3, and 1000 employees across Alert levels 3 and 2.

Is your boss spying on you at work?

TVNZ, 6 October 2020

TVNZ's Seven Sharp featured a segment discussing employee surveillance with our Associate Director, Professor Jarrod Haar. The negative effects of being spied on at work included: higher anxiety and job stress and more likely to think about quitting.

A beautiful accountability

AUTi, 28 September 2020

Leader of the NZWRI immigration and inclusion research group, Director of Diversity Professor Edwina Pio, gives two presentations on diversity. First "Privilege of Diversity: Working towards Inclusion" and second, "Strategizing for an unknown future".

Surprising link between crisis leadership and employee mental health

AUTi, 17 September 2020

No crisis leadership is better for employee mental health than poor crisis leadership according to new research by Associate Director, Professor Jarrod Haar.

Good leadership can boost te reo Māori

AUTi, 17 September 2020

NZWRI Associate Director, professor Jarrod Haar, discusses the importance of “servant leadership”and the and use te reo Māori.

Enhancing the impact of urban regeneration

AUT, 15 September 2020

A research team led by Associate Professor Scott Duncan, Professor Erica Hinckson and Professor Gail Pacheco has secured $7.95 million to quantify the societal impact of major urban regeneration projects currently taking place across the country.

Mind your manners - why etiquette is one of your biggest assets in the digital age

BusinessDesk, 11 September 2020

Research on the inclusion of te reo me nga tikanga Māori (Māori language and culture) into business culture, by Associate Director Professor Jarrod Haar, gets a mention in the discussion on kindness in the digital age.

A three-day week? NZ telcos experiment with post-lockdown office life

NZ Herald, 2 July 2020

Associate Director, professor Jarrod Haar comments in the NZ Herald on the virtues of a three-day work week.

How can HR walk the anti-discrimination talk?

Human Resource Director, 27 June 2020

Associate Director, Professor Jarrod Haar talks to HRD about strategies to address ethnic diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Racism A Reality In Kiwi Workplaces

Scoop, 11 June 2020

Recent research by Professor Jarrod Haar and Master of Business Management student, Saima Amjad, gathered and analysed racism data, which is scarce in NZ. The data revealed that workplace racism rates are high in NZ relative to international findings.

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