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NZWRI is regularly mentioned in the media. A selection of articles is listed below:

Biggest labour law changes in generation, 28 November 2017

Professor Erling Rasmussen - Next year is likely to bring the most significant changes in employment policy in 25 years. In particular, protections for contract and casual workers will be under the spotlight.

Praise for tackling the gender pay gap

NZ Herald, 24 November 2017

"The gap goes from being zero and insignificant at the bottom of the wage distribution to being about 20 per cent at the top end." says Professor Gail Pacheco.

Michael Fletcher: Welfare system needs radical shake up

NZ Herald, 8 November 2017

After nine years of National's so-called welfare reform, there is a certain irony in the fact that one of the most urgent tasks facing the new Government is welfare reform. The lesson is that welfare is for us all. It is not the "us-and-them" thing National would have had us believe.

New Zealand Firms Are Letting Women Down

Washington Post, 6 November 2017

What's got four Marks, four Johns, three Simons, two Scotts, two Peters, two Christophers -- but just one woman? New Zealand's leading stock-market index.

New Zealand Firms Are Letting Women Down

Bloomberg, 6 November 2017

New Zealand's gender wage gap is one of the narrowest in the world, based on the OECD's data, however the gender pay gap gets wider as incomes rise.

Mind the Gap

Engage, 3 November 2017

“International research signals that worker satisfaction and retention is higher when they know their pay and opportunities are fair” says Professor Gail Pacheco, a leader in gender pay gap research. The report showed that 80% of the gender pay gap is now driven by “unexplained” factors.

Through the Ages

Engage, 3 November 2017

Dr Ravenswood says her own personal experience of working part-time in aged care work in the 1990s, has helped her understand the key issues faced by aged care workers in NZ. Using survey data, she is working on a journal article looking at the connections between safety and physical and verbal abuse, training, and job satisfaction/turnover.

She helped lead the survey in 2014 and 2016.

Is the OE just for the young?

Radio NZ, 16 October 2017

AUT School of Management Senior Lecturer and member of the wellbeing group at NZWRI, Barbara Myers, completed a piece of research on older women who opted to take a career break and travel or work overseas, and the experiment they've had upon returning home.

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