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NZWRI is regularly mentioned in the media. A selection of articles is listed below:

Kiwis looking to change careers urged to give beekeeping a try

Newshub, 10 June 2020

NZWRI Director, Professor Gail Pacheco, comments on the potential prospects for Kiwis forced to rethink their careers. Gail notes that funding retraining programmes is a great start for those left jobless by COVID-19.

A four-day working week could be the shot in the arm post-coronavirus tourism needs

The Conversation, 28 May 2020

Having a leader who can champion the adoption of a four-day trial is vital, says Associate Director, Professor Jarrod Haar.

Professor shares why four-day work week could benefit Māori

Te ao, 27 May 2020

Associate Director, Professor Jarrod Haar advocates the four day week and has researched the unique factors associated with Māori in the workplace.

How could a four-day week work for Kiwis?

Stuff, 21 May 2020

The four-day week is in the news again in NZ, Professor Jarrod Haar, notes that international trials seem promising, but it's not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Do Women Make Better Bosses Than Men

RNZ, 18 May 2020

When it comes to good leadership, does gender make a difference? Professor Jarrod Haar has conducted research that may provide answers to these questions.

Having a good female leader beneficial to employee mental health, study suggests

1News, 18 May 2020

New study from Dr Jarrod Haar suggests that having a good female leader may lead to greater employee satisfaction than having a good male leader.

Coronavirus: Redundancy hammers mental and physical health

Stuff, 19 April 2020

Associate Director, Professor Jarrod Haar, comments on the mental and physical effects of redundancy and what do they mean for those losing jobs as a result of covid-19.

Coronavirus: Young people optimistic about their finances just as Covid-19 poised to strike

Stuff, 8 April 2020

A paper by Professor Gail Pacheco and co-authors notes that young graduates had competed for fewer jobs with older, more experienced workers after the global financial crisis - will the same occur after covid-19?

AUT expert shares research on aged care

AUTi, 16 March 2020

Research by Katherine Ravenswood has shown there are enough similarities between Australia and New Zealand to compare employment conditions and discuss how they can be improved across both countries.

Imam thanks Southland brothers and sisters since Christchurch terror attack

Stuff, 14 March 2020

AUT Professor of diversity Edwina Pio, reflected on the Christchurch terror attack and the impact it has had on Southlanders. She comments that accepting others takes time, as it means "displacing oneself from the centre of one's world view".

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