Media mentions

NZWRI is regularly mentioned in the media. A selection of articles is listed below:

Māori scientists work 'cultural double-shifts'

Māori scientists work 'cultural double-shifts', April 15 2021

NZ Care Workforce Survey 2019 Report

The findings of this report sparked a range of media interest (below).

NZ support workers need more support - AUT

Voxy, 12 April 2021

NZ Support Workers Need More Support

Scoop, 12 April 2021

Support workers feeling overworked and underpaid

Newstalk ZB, 13 April 2021

The Wire with Jemima

95bFM, 13 April 2021

Katherine Ravenswood speaks about her study into the work environment of support and care workers

Capping problem gambling in NZ: The effectiveness of local government policy intervention

The findings of this report sparked a range of media interest (below).

One News Breakfast Livestream

One News, 13 April 2021

Christopher Erwin presents research evaluating anti-gambling policies with the One News Breakfast team

Local councils not going far enough to curb 'scourge on society' that is problem gambling - report

One News, 13 April 2021

Local Policies and Problem Gambling with Dr. Christopher Erwin

95bFM, 13 April 2021

Local Policies Can Reduce Problem Gambling

Scoop, 13 April 2021

Local policies can reduce gambling loss

AUT News, 13 April 2021

Radio NZ Podcast

RNZ, 13 April 2021

Christopher Erwin speaks with RNZ about which policies are effective in capping problem gambling

‘Invisible army’ of caring Kiwis under fire

Divided we fall: The scary trends in NZ's two-speed economy

Thanks to teleworking, is the four-day work week more viable?

Covid 19 coronavirus: New Zealanders' internet fears, working from home hurdles revealed in survey

How to drive New Zealand’s productivity performance?

National Business Review,  26 February 2021

As commissioner at the New Zealand Productivity Commission, Professor Gail Pacheco shares her research on the low performance of New Zealand firms.

Research Founded On Sacred Pacific Concept Of The Vā

Scoop, 18 February 2021

Dr Betty Ofe-Grant discusses her approach to understanding how living with low literacy and numeracy skills affects Pacific peoples

The future of work: Insights from across Aotearoa

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