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NZWRI is regularly mentioned in the media. A selection of articles is listed below:

Transport's dirty little secret: The truckers breaking the law just to survive

The Spinoff, 16 January 2019

AUT researcher Dr. Clare Tedestedt George recently completed her PhD thesis on occupational safety, health and well-being of truck drivers in New Zealand. George interviewed 45 industry participants, including 20 drivers, and results painted a grim picture of the 'cutthroat' industry.

Alarm as Kathmandu job hopefuls asked what medications they take

NZ Herald, 25 November 2018

Kathmandu asks job hopefuls to list all prescription drugs or medication that they're on. Professor Jarrod Haar told the NZ Herald that it is understandable for employers to want to know about potential safety and performance issues, but as Shaun Robinson, chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, said, it is not okay to ask general questions about medical history that aren't directly relevant to the job.

Confessions of a sugar baby: The NZ women who accept gifts for dates

NZ Herald, 11 November 2018

"Lifestyle choices and payment of university fees in an era of heightened competition in tandem with diminishing financial scholarships often catapult students into the outstretched arms of sugared relationships" Professor Edwina Pio told NZ Herald.

Fighting the Same Fight

Radio NZ, 9 November 2018

Barbara Myers, member of our Wellbeing and Performance Research Group, said that after taking time out to have children, women often feel like they are behind and can't meet promotional measures. According to Myers, many women also opt to return to part-time work, and this creates another barrier for women in the workforce.

Barriers to participation: What's in the way of resolving workplace problems?

LawTalk, Access to Justice, November 2018

Barriers to pursuing employment claims were under scrutiny at a recent symposium hosted by AUT NZWRI, held with the support of the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court.

Big Diff: Beautiful Diversity and Ugly Prejudice in Auckland

Polite Rebellion,, November 2018

While Auckland's festivals and cultural events can bring the city together to embrace diversity, Director of Diversity Profesison Edwina Pio said that we've got to do much more than that.

An age-old conundrum

Employment Today Magazine, October 2018

Dr Barbara Myers said that the social and economic benefits of employing older workers are well established, yet little is being done at an organisational level to support them remaining in the workforce. Dr Myers is part of the NZWRI Wellbeing and Performance Research Group.

Migrant applies for 400 jobs before he finally got one

NZ Herald, 28 October 2018

AUT Professor of Diversity Edwina Pio said migrants should learn to speak and understand Kiwi slag if they wish to increase their chances of finding employment.

It used to be that we have one career for life

TVNZ, Breakfast, 23 October 2018

Multiple careers within one's lifetime is becoming the norm. Professor Jarrod Haar said this is down to the changing nature of business, and bosses seeing employees as "more disposable".

Revealed: What New Zealand's top CEOs are paid

NZ Herald, 19 October 2018

Survey results have been released about CEO salaries for the top 50 companies listed on the sharemarket. Only one woman was recorded in the survey. Professor Jarrod Haar says there is no good reason why there is not an equal, or nearly equal, proportion of women leading the country's largest firms. "The biggest problem is inherent bias in the workplace against women".

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