Examining selected policy issues in NZ via the application of quasi-experimental methods linked to administrative data


Date: 22 October 2020

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Location: WF710, WF Building, AUT City Campus

Lisa Meehan, NZWRI, AUT


This thesis contains three essays on selected policy issues in NZ. All three use quasi-experimental methods applied to linked administrative data (provided via StatsNZ’s Integrated Data Infrastructure) in order to establish causal relationships. The first essay uses a policy change in NZ that removed birthright citizenship to look at the impact of obtaining citizenship on the integration of immigrants. The second essay estimates the impact of paid parental leave on the labour market attachment of mothers and the educational outcomes of children. The third essay uses changes to NZ’s bail law in 2013 to establish causal links between sentence length and subsequent outcomes in terms of recidivism, education and training, employment and earnings.

About the Presenterlisa-meehan

Lisa is an applied economist with experience spanning academia (AUT), international policy advisory (the OECD), the NZ public sector (the Productivity Commission and Treasury) and economic consulting. She holds a Masters of Commerce in Economics (First Class, 2009), Bachelor of Commerce Honours (First Class, 2004) in Economics, Graduate Diploma in Science (Mathematics, 2009) and conjoint Bachelor Commerce/Bachelor of Arts degrees (2003) from the University of Auckland.

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