NZWRI Seminar Series

The Overlap Between Criminals and Victims of Crime

Date: 17 September 2020

Christopher Erwin, NZWRI, AUT

Those that commit crimes are more likely to be victims of crime. Victims of crime are more likely to have committed crimes. We explore the simultaneous nature of this relationship using a census of all police investigations in New Zealand between 2014 and 2019. Previous research based on self-reported history suggests that victimisation depends on criminality, but not vice-versa. We revisit this hypothesis using recursive bivariate Probit and panel data methods. The detailed nature of New Zealand Police records allows us to further explore the simultaneity of criminality and victimhood as it pertains to repeat offending/victimisation, property crimes, family violence, and offences involving weapons.

Co-authors: Juliane Hennecke, Lisa Meehan & Gail Pacheco (NZWRI, AUT)

About the Presenter

Dr Christopher Erwin joined NZWRI in 2018 as a Research Fellow after completing his PhD studies at the University of New Mexico. His major fields are econometrics and labour economics. At NZWRI, Christopher studies a variety of issues relating to higher education, labour markets, health, and crime.

To find out more about Christopher Erwin, his extended research expertise and academic career, please visit his academic profile.