Religion and Business: Reaping the Diversity Dividend

Seminar, 12 August 2019, 10.30am-3pm


Is religion good for business? Is a religiously diverse workforce a benefit or deficit? What is the appropriate role for religion in New Zealand businesses and workplaces, and how does the Treaty of Waitangi relate to the possible religious diversity dividend? Discover the answers to these questions at the Religion and Business seminar!

This seminar explored the relationship between business and religion in the contemporary world. Speakers discussed the impact of increased diversity with especial interest in the challenges and tensions resulting from difference and the potential synergies and benefits of religious diversity. Increased religious diversity is a key indicator of wide-ranging and continual societal transformation, reflecting political-economic and socio-cultural change. This leads to unprecedented interactions between people of different religions and cultures in novel settings and presents an urgent need to explore the possibilities of these relationships and their implications.

Presenters include:

  • Professor Edwina Pio - AUT University, convenor and presenter
  • Professor Joseph Bulbulia - Auckland University
  • Professor Paul Morris - Victoria University
  • Professor Doug Pratt - Auckland University
  • Alan Wilcox - Management Consultant (former CEO of New Zealand's Land Transport Safety Authority)

This seminar was co-hosted by NZWRI's Immigration and Inclusion Research Group,  AUT Management Department, and AUT Diversity Office.


WA224 Conference Centre
AUT City Campus
55 Wellesley Street East