The Value of Care: the 2017 Pay Equity Settlement

28 March 2019, 4.00pm

This is an open invitation to the launch of the report 'The Value of Care: Understanding the impact of the 2017 Pay Equity Settlement on the residential aged care, home and community care and disability sectors'.

This reports on research conducted in collaboration with the Caring Counts Coalition in 2018. Dr Julie Douglas and Associate Professor Katherine Ravenswood conducted focus groups and interviews with managers and care and support workers to understand how the pay equity settlement affected them.

Saunoamaali'i Karanina Sumeo, EEO Commissioner at the Human Rights Commission, will launch the report followed by guest speaker Rachel Mackintosh, Vice-President of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions. Hon Julie Anne Genter, Minister for Women, will also provide a video message. Dr Douglas and Associate Professor Ravenswood will then present the key findings.

This event is free to attend and will also be livestreamed.

View the report.