Post-feminist times

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A brave new world or the same old story?

Presented by the Immigration and Inclusion Research Group, the Gender and Diversity Research Group and the Management Department.

Our time is characterized as post-feminist: women and men now have equal rights, and equal access to education and jobs. If women only work hard enough – if they lean in – there is nothing stopping them from achieving success. Feminist activism is no longer necessary - the job is done. But the job is not quite yet done – at least not for all women. The post-feminist discourse neglects that there is no level playing field, so old hierarchies of gender, sexuality, ethnic origin, race and class are reinstated. Using women’s entrepreneurship policy as the empirical example, this seminar discusses how the post-feminist discourse aligns with neo-liberalism and entrepreneurialism and recreates inequalities.

Convenor: Professor Edwina Pio

Wednesday, 1 March 2017 at 1pm
Room WF611, level 6, Business School building
42 Wakefield St, AUT city campus

This seminar is open to all at no charge however, registration is essential.
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About the presenter: Helene Ahl is professor of Business Administration, focusing on gender and learning, at the School of Education and Communication at Jönköping University in Sweden. She is internationally recognized for her critical, feminist discourse analyses of research and policy regarding women’s entrepreneurship, and for her work on motivation and adult learning.