Wellbeing Seminar Series 2016

Organisations that promote wellbeing at work are likely to have more satisfied and productive workforces and less absenteeism, turnover and conflict. The Wellbeing and Performance research group examines both sides of the coin – wellbeing and stress – what causes these conditions, what the consequences are and how people cope. The group also focus on what organisations can do to create positive organisational cultures, leadership styles, work-life balance policies and various forms of support that will facilitate healthy work practices and relationships.

The Wellbeing and Performance research group is proud to present the Wellbeing seminar series. The seminars aim to highlight best (and worst!) practice found in organisations: corporate, government and not-for-profit.

All seminars are open to all at no charge.
Registration is essential: work.research@aut.ac.nz

Future seminars include flexible work arrangements, mindfulness, positive psychology and resilience. Please check regularly for updates.

We hope you can join us.

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance presentation by Professor Jarrod Haar

Wednesday, 19 October 2016
Room WF711, level 7 Business School building
42 Wakefield St (Cnr Mayoral Dr), Auckland city

Work-life balance is the desired goal of many people as it enables them to manage their workload while putting valued time into personal relationships and leisure activities. Flexible work arrangements provided by employers help staff achieve work-life balance, by allowing them to choose, within guidelines, when, where and how they work.

Current discourse emphasizes that it is Gen Y/Millennials who particularly want, even demand, flexible arrangements but it could be argued that ALL employees potentially benefit from them.

The benefits to the individual include a greater sense of wellbeing, conversely, less stress and more control over their lives. The benefits to the employer are greater loyalty, higher retention, lower absenteeism and higher levels of performance.

This seminar will present perspectives on work-life balance from academic research and the experiences of two organisations that have embraced the challenge of providing flexible work arrangements that suit them AND their employees.

3:30-3:35pm Welcome and introduction: Dr Roy Smollan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Management, AUT
3:30-4pm Academic research into Work-Life Balance in New Zealand: Professor Jarrod Haar, Department of Management, AUT
4-4:30 Work-Life Balance at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa: Tuihana Ohia, Wellness Manager
4:30-5pm Work-Life Balance at Vodafone New Zealand: Katie Williams, Head of Centres of Expertise, HR
5pm Refreshments

The impact of generation upon employee performance

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 at 1-2pm
Room WF710, level 7 Business School building
42 Wakefield St, Auckland city

The performance of employees has been examined from several traditional management perspectives and continues to be a challenge for organisations and their management. One contemporary research issue is the impact of today’s multi-generational workforces, and whether this leads to inter-generational tension, management complexities or affects employees’ intentions to stay. This seminar presents the research on generations in the workplace, then the findings from one study that uses a different approach – an employee’s generation - to examine intentions to stay working. In that study, six variables were found to influence registered nurses' intentions to continue working as nurses, and there were differences by generation. Further, managers reported managing the generations differently. An overview of this and other studies published in this generation’s area will be presented, as well as suggestions for future research.

Presented by Dr Kate Shacklock, Kate ShacklockAssociate Professor in the Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources, Griffith University, Queensland.

Wellness at Work

Friday, 15 April 2016
Room WF711, level 7 Business School building
42 Wakefield St (Cnr Mayoral Dr), Auckland city

2:30-3pm Wellbeing at Hubbards Foods (winners of a 2014 New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Award), Viv McGowan, HR Manager
3-3:30pm Creating Healthy Workplaces, Janice Riegen, Clinical Nurse Specialist,  Occupational Health & Safety Service, Waitemata District Health Board
3:30-4pm Stressful Organisational Change: Roy Smollan and Mark le Fevre, Senior Lecturers, AUT Department of Management
4pm Refreshments (WF level 8 lounge)