Advisory Board

Jackie Blue
Independent Director

Kerry Davies
National secretary, PSA

Marisa Fong
Director, MASIMAYA

Jarrod Haar
Deputy Director, NZ Work Research Institute

Rob Kilpatrick
Director, Traidmission
Managing Director, Smallternative Trust

Rohan MacMahon
Principal, Wollemi Consulting

Eva McLaren
Manager, Economic and Social Research and Evaluation Team,  Auckland Council

David Norman
Chief Economist, Auckland Council

Gail Pacheco
Director, NZ Work Research Institute

Jane Parker
Co-Director, MPOWER, Massey University

Rose Ryan
Manager, Workforce and Workplace, MBIE

Saunoamaali'i Karanina Sumeo
Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner, Human Rights Commission

Helen White
Barrister, Chancery Chambers