Q+A with the team

We sat down with our members to ask questions about their career and what they enjoy doing to unwind in their spare time.

Q + A with Juliane Hennecke

Dr Juliane Hennecke is our newest NZWRI Research Fellow. Find out more about Juliane, her research and about her life outside work.

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Q + A with Christopher Erwin

Dr Christopher Erwin is a Research Fellow at NZWRI. Check out his five-question interview to learn more about Chris, his research and what he enjoys doing in his spare time.

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Q + A with Rachel Morrison

Dr Rachel Morrison is a Senior Lecturer within AUT's Faculty of Business, Economics and Law and is an active member of our Wellbeing and Performance Research Group. Find out what research is like in the space of organisational psychology.

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Q + A with Alexander Plum

Alexander Plum is one of NZWRI's Senior Research Fellows. Find out more about Alex, his research and what he enjoys doing in his spare time.

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Q + A with Livvy Mitchell

Livvy Mitchell joined NZWRI in 2018 as the Institute Administrator and has also taken on research assistant responsibilities following her economics studies. Have a read of her Q + A interview.

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Q + A with Katherine Ravenswood

Associate Professor Katherine Ravenswood, who is the Lead Researcher of our Care/Work Research Group. We sat down with Katherine to learn about her career in employment relations and how she enjoys unwinding in her spare time.

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Q + A with Kabir Dasgupta

Senior Research Fellow, Dr Kabir Dasgupta is interviewed about his background, his current project, and to find out more about his life outside of work.

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