Pay rise for 120,000 Kiwis - but 1500 may lose their jobsThe New Zealand Herald, 24 January 2017
Officials have also calculated that the 50c an hour minimum wage hike will cost taxpayers an extra $29.4 million a year.

A long voyage: Refugees arrive home in AotearoaThe New Zealand Herald, 23 January 2017
Refugees worked hard to achieve, but were at times misunderstood, overlooked or, at worst, exploited – Professor Edwina Pio

Will a robot replace you?Nelson Mail, 2 January 2017
Everyone knows robots will eventually replace factory workers, but as technology advances, what other jobs might be done by machines?

Flexible working – Panacea or oxymoron?Employment Today magazine, December 2016/January 2017, Issue 206
Organisations and workers increasingly understand the benefits of flexible working, and the technology and infrastructure to make it happen are almost there, so what's the handbrake? The Trans-Tasman Telework Survey undertaken by the NZ Work Research Institute in 2013 found that, of 1800 staff across 50 Australian and New Zealand organisations, 89 percent worked remotely at least sometime during the working week.

Ethnic wards vital for oldiesThe New Zealand Herald, 20 November 2016
Retired immigrants find happiness in feeling of belonging in rest homes. Professor Edwina Pio  was interviewed. She said New Zealand's changing demographics and growing aged population meant there was a need for culturally appropriate care.

Workplaces don't have policies to deal with bullying: surveyThe New Zealand Herald, 4 November 2016 According to a survey produced by the NZ Work Research Institute, almost half of New Zealand workplaces don't have policies in place to deal with staff bullying and harassment.

Discovering DiversityEmployment Today, September/October 2016, Issue 204
Professor Edwina Pio challenges organisations to change the balance in the diversity arabesque and create magic.

People analytics could be way of future for, 19 September 2016
If we can understand what drives people out, we may be able to remedy that and reduce turnover, therefore saving money – Prof Jarrod Haar

Facebook used to recruit illegal migrant workersRadio NZ, 16 September 2016
There is no way to measure how widespread the problem of undocumented migrant workers is – Danaë Anderson
Listen to Danaë's interview on the Morning Report (2:13)

Get out of my face! We’re more antisocial in a shared office spaceThe Conversation, 13 September 2016
If we all work side by side in an open-plan office or “hot desk”, moving from place to place, it’s sure to increase collaboration! – Rachel Morrison.

Japan in FocusABC NewsRadio, 12 September 2016
Interview with Harminder Singh, Senior Lecturer – BIS, about the Japanese telecom company Softbank’s acquisition of British smartphone chip-designing company ARM. Interview commences at 11'47"

Robots and work: are you ready for life in the machine age?, 3 September 2016
What is work, really? Are you doing it right now? You may know what you think it is – work is how you earn money. But all the things that work encompasses, such as how we manage our time, provide for ourselves and others, use our individual skills and feel fulfilled, are set to change dramatically.

Aged care survey calls for participantsEastern Courier, 16 August 2016 Managers and caregivers across the sector in Auckland are encouraged to take part in the NZ Aged Care Workforce Survey.

New Zealand's ageing workforceEmployment Today magazine, August 2016, Issue 203
Engaging and retaining New Zealand’s ageing workforce is crucial if organisations are going to be able to retain sufficient skill and labour.

How to prepare your kids for the robot revolutionThe New Zealand Herald, 28 July 2016
Soft skills - our most human attributes - that will be hardest to replicate. – Professor Jarrod Haar

Helping NEET to become NEAT The Gisborne Herald, 9 June 2016
Gail Pacheco presented findings from The Cost of Youth Disengagement study.

The Future of Work Radio New Zealand: Insight, 5 June 2016
What NZ needs to do to prepare for a future of jobs that don't even exist yet.
Gail Pacheco's interview begins at 20:50

Young unemployed losing out in digital ageRadio New Zealand, 3 June 2016
If people were out of the system when they were young it was very hard for them to catch up – Associate Professor Gail Pacheco
Listen to Gail's interview on the Morning Report.

At home in spite of racism The New Zealand Herald, 30 May 2016
Imagine if a few families get together across the country and adopt every single refugee family ... to mutually share their experience, skills, joys and sorrows. This then is the preparation needed to transition refugees to cross that nebulous territory of 'no man's land' to jump over the fence - Professor Edwina Pio

Coming soon: The New Zealand Aged Care Workforce Survey 2016 INsite, May 2016
The purpose of the survey is to provide independent data on the aged care sector that can inform policy at national and organisational levels. As such, each iteration involves careful consideration of the survey instrument in relation to the changes in the sector and regulatory environment.

Migrant youth in NZ face daily struggle with identityThe New Zealand Herald, 18 May 2016
Migrant parents generally suffer from a conflict between their fear of losing their children to the new culture and their aspirations for their children to have a better life - Professor Edwina Pio

Bosses the overtime winners The New Zealand Herald, 10 May 2016
New Zealanders worked longer hours than staff in almost all other developed countries - Professor Erling Rasmussen

The emotional labourer Canvas, 7 May 2016
In my experience, women do perform a wider range of unpaid tasks than men, and there is a "long history" of that unpaid work being undervalued - Associate Professor Candice Harris

Forming a Tairawhiti Youth Employment Strategy Gisborne Herald, 29 April 2016
Identifying gaps and opportunities to get young people into jobs – Associate Professor Gail Pacheco

Reasons for pay gap a puzzle The New Zealand Herald, 21 April 2016
Only a little of the difference between earnings can be explained as gender-related – Associate Professor Gail Pacheco

Kiwis' attitude to Asians cooling - survey The New Zealand Herald, 23 March 2016
Professor of Diversity Edwina Pio warns it is important for media in New Zealand to give a "more holistic portrayal" of Asians.

Bosses ignoring elderly - survey The New Zealand Herald, 2 January 2016
Companies could do better by paying attention to areas such as the ageing workforce and flexibility – Professor Tim Bentley

Warning of 'education trafficking' scams hitting New Zealand The Dominion Post, 26 February, 2016
Foreign student exploitation is a bigger problem than any of us are aware of – Danaë Anderson