Persistence of Low Pay Employment – 16 March 2018

Copy of presentation – Alexander Plum and Gail Pacheco

Western Economic Association, 14th International Conference – 12-13 January 2018

The Gender Pay Gap: Evidence in New Zealand and Implications for us all – 10 October 2017

Wellbeing and Performance: Which one came first? – 6 September 2017

Business History as a Platform for Progress – 11 August 2017

New Zealand Association of Economics Conference – 14 July 2017

The Future of Work – June/July 2017

Western Economics Association Conference – 28 June 2017

Y-NEET: Empirical Evidence for New Zealand – 1 March 2017

In 2016 the Vodafone New Zealand Foundation commissioned the New Zealand Work Research Institute at AUT to undertake a study to provide a comprehensive profile of the Y-NEET landscape in NZ, to examine how NZ compares internationally, and quantify the costs of this economic and social issue.
This video summarises finding from the research.

Empirical Evidence AUT Workshop – 23-24 February 2017