Survey Reports

The Institute publishes research on a range of news forums. Below are examples of surveys conducted by the New Zealand Work Research. See our Research Page for more information about two noteworthy survey-based projects: The World Internet Project NZ and The Map of Meaningful Work.

Ki te tahatū o te rangi: Normalising te reo Māori across non-traditional Māori language domains

Funder: Te Taura Whiri i te Roa Māori (The Māori Language Commission)

The Māori Language Commission commissioned the New Zealand Work Research Institute and Te Ipukarea (The National Māori Language Institute) to explore the integration of Māori language and Māori culture in organisations across New Zealand. The research conducts and analyses fourteen case study interviews and a large scale quantitative-qualitative survey of over 1,100 New Zealand employees to understand participation in te reo me ngā tikanga Māori. Read the report.

UN Women's Empowerment Principles Survey

Funder: United Nations Women

The aim of this survey is to uncover policies and practices within New Zealand’s Largest Organisations on behalf of the United Nations Women, with a specific focus on Women’s Empowerment Policies.
View the 2018 report
View the 2017 report
View the 2016 report
View the 2015 report

The New Zealand Aged Care Workforce Survey

The demand for an aged care workforce in New Zealand is predicted to increase significantly in the near and long term future. At the same time, pay conditions for employees in the sector have come under scrutiny. While population demographics have been used to predict the supply and demand for aged care employees, there is little data about the current workforce in New Zealand. Furthermore, there are few, if any, opportunities for national benchmarking of workforce trends such as turnover, labour supply, training and wellbeing factors.
2017 supplementary information
View the 2016 report
View the 2014 report

Aging Workforce Survey

In order to gain a better understanding of the issues that NZ organisations need to address when engaging an aging workforce, the NZ Work Research Institute and their research partners from Massey and the University of Waikato conducted a survey of almost 300 EEO Trust organisational members.
Ageing Workforce Survey: Understanding the Needs of NZ’s Ageing Workforce
Ageing Workforce Survey: Managing an Ageing Workforce
Ageing Workforce Survey: Engaging Older Workers Productively

The New Zealand Diversity Survey

In 2013, the New Zealand Work Research Institute partnered with Diversity Works (then known as the EEO Trust) and the Chamber of Commerce, Northern, to survey New Zealand organisations about a broad range of diversity issues. The New Zealand Diversity Survey has been conducted on a quarterly basis and reported bi-annually.
The New Zealand Diversity Survey October 2016; April 2016
The New Zealand Diversity Survey October 2015; April 2015

The New Zealand Diversity Survey November 2014; October 2014