NZWRI provides high-quality research across a broad multidisciplinary programme concerned with people and work. Director of NZWRI is Professor Gail Pacheco, who is supported by Professor Jarrod Haar (Associate Director, Human Resource Management), Lisa Meehan (Associate Director, Economics and Research) and leaders of our specialist research groups. Links to the five groups are below and provide details of current key projects and members within each group. Our research groups enable over 70 research experts to provide research (at both the national and international level) that ticks the boxes for both academic rigour, as well as being relevant to policy makers in business, government, and the community in general - see our latest annual report.

Research themes

We place emphasis on a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach and rank engagement with external stakeholders as a high priority.

The research themes diagram illustrates the broad nature of research streams encompassed at NZWRI, and the overlapping nature of many topics across research groups.

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External clients

The institute also provides commissioned work for a range of external clients, with recent examples including work for the Productivity Commission, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Ministry for Women, United Nations Women, Vodafone Foundation NZ, and the Blind Foundation.

Memorandums of understanding

We have MOUs in place with several organisations.

  • Career Development Association of New Zealand and NZWRI recognise mutual interest in the nature of people, work, and lifelong career development.
  • The Restaurant Association and NZWRI plan to partner to produce research that will help members to improve their performance and productivity.

Career Development Association of New Zealand

Restaurant Association of New Zealand

NZWRI members

Meet our core team, research associates and advisors.

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