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Seminar Series: Persistence in Low Pay Employment

This seminar will illustrate heterogeneity in low pay persistence and the necessity to control for the intensity of low pay attachment.


February 2018 |  Issue 26

Residential movement within New Zealand

This study, commissioned by Superu, presents the first attempt at quantifying the scale of transience in NZ, and describes the characteristics of transient populations, including their interactions with government services.

Low pay in New Zealand

MBIE commissioned this research to better understand the low pay sector within New Zealand, and the changing nature of this group in recent years.

Michael Fletcher: Welfare system needs radical shake up

After nine years of National's so-called welfare reform, there is a certain irony in the fact that one of the most urgent tasks facing the new Government is welfare reform. The lesson is that welfare is for us all. It is not the "us-and-them" thing National would have had us believe.

Empirical evidence of the gender pay gap in NZ

Report commissioned by the Ministry for Women

Y-NEET Population in NZ

Overview video of Vodafone Foundation commissioned study