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Seminar Series: Land Use Regulation

2 February 2018
Exploring the effect of upzoning on property values using a rich dataset of residential sales transactions.

The way of the future?

The gig-work approach has instant accessibility and may be hailed as the way of the future, but Professor Jarrod Haar is less than convinced, pointing out that, although the model offers flexibility, it also has some inherent disadvantages — for both parties.

Praise for tackling the gender pay gap

"The gap goes from being zero and insignificant at the bottom of the wage distribution to being about 20 per cent at the top end." says Professor Gail Pacheco.

New Zealand Companies Are Letting Women Down

New Zealand's gender wage gap is one of the narrowest in the world, based on the OECD's data, however the gender pay gap gets wider as incomes rise.

Michael Fletcher: Welfare system needs radical shake up

After nine years of National's so-called welfare reform, there is a certain irony in the fact that one of the most urgent tasks facing the new Government is welfare reform. The lesson is that welfare is for us all. It is not the "us-and-them" thing National would have had us believe.

Strengthening our team of experts

We welcome research fellow, Dr Alexander Plum to the NZWRI team. Most recently, Alex has been working with the German Federal Ministry of Finance. He comes to us with a strong background in labour economics and is experienced in handling large data-sets.
See the article Does it pay off to work on a low wage? in the Insights 2017 report published by the Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex.

Increasing minimum wage will cost jobs

Economist, Dr Eric Crampton cites research by Gail Pacheco and Tim Maloney to support his argument on why Working for Families is a better way of supporting the incomes of the working poor than minimum wages.
See also The big minimum wage hike.

Empirical evidence of the gender pay gap in NZ

Report commissioned by the Ministry for Women

Y-NEET Population in NZ

Overview video of Vodafone Foundation commissioned study