Document library

Our document library houses all published reports from Big Data, Primary Surveys and internal research projects.

Most authors also present their findings at seminars and symposiums and copies of their presentations are found here together with a record of our working papers.

Big Data reports

Our projects have a strong focus on utilising linked administrative data. Find examples of our research reports that use Big Data.

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Survey reports

Find examples of surveys conducted by NZWRI. Many of our reports are published on news forums.

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Project reports

Our researchers undertake a variety of projects. Find examples of projects conducted by NZWRI.


We often present valuable findings in presentations to better demonstrate the use cases for research results. Find examples of these here.

Working papers

Real-life examples meet research. Our regularly released working papers apply research findings to crucial areas of society functionalities.

What's coming up

Find out about NZWRI's upcoming events regarding new research outputs, findings and more.

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