The institute strongly commits to engagement with external stakeholders and the public – such as businesses, government and the community. We highly regard the efforts of public commitment to disseminate research outcomes widely and translate findings for a non-academic audience. Our upcoming events and recent events can be viewed here.

Upcoming events

AAHANZBS 11th Annual Conference
7-8 November 2019 
The Business and Labour History Group of NZWRI are hosting the 11th Annual Conference of the Association of Academic Historians in Australian and New Zealand Business Schools. The conference theme is: Institutions and Change.

ANZOPOB 8th Conference
29 November 2019 
Co-hosted by NZWRI's Wellbeing and Performance Research Group, this conference welcomes practitioners, academics and postgraduate students working on topics related to organisational/work psychology and organisational behaviour to get together and discuss their research.

Past events

Religion and Business: Reaping the Diversity dividend
12 August 2019 
Is religion good for business? Is a religiously diverse workforce a benefit or deficit? What is the appropriate role for religion in New Zealand businesses and workplaces, and how does the Treaty of Waitangi relate to the possible religious diversity dividend? This symposium explores the relationship between business and religion in the contemporary world.

Barriers to participation: what would make a difference and would it work?
22 May 2019 – Invitation only
The symposium is considering how to overcome barriers to participation in resolving employment relationship problems – in the direct discussions between workers and employers, in attending mediation and in taking part in authority or court proceedings.

Price Effects of Special Housing Areas in Auckland 
2 May 2019 
Dr Mario Andres Fernandez will present his paper investigating the causal effects of the Special Housing Areas (SHAs) programme on housing prices and the implications on affordability.This seminar is co-hosted by the NZ Work Research Institute and the School of Economics at AUT University.

Heritage Talk: Spice it up with Professor Edwina Pio
24 April 2019 
Professor Edwina Pio examines how New Zealanders have historically shunned stereotypes, yet the future demands compassion and inclusiveness. Hosted by Auckland Council, this talk will look at how we must give back for the privilege of living in Aotearoa.

The Effect of Interest Caps on Bankruptcy: Synthetic Control Evidence from Recent Payday Lending Bans
12 April 2019 
Payday loans have the potential to both help and harm consumers. In this paper, Dr Kabir Dasgupta uses interest-rate caps as quasi-experiments to test whether access to payday credit affects delinquencies and bankruptcies. This seminar is hosted by the Department of Economics at Auckland University.

The Value of Care: the 2017 Pay Equity Settlement
28 March 2019 
This event launched the report 'The Value of Care: Understanding the impact of the 2017 Pay Equity Settlement on the residential aged care, home and community care and disability sectors', co-authored by Dr Julie Douglas and Associate Professor Katherine Ravenswood. View the livestream video.

Wage Effects of Baccalaureate Time to Degree in the United States
14 March 2019 
Dr Christopher Erwin presented his research exploring whether delayed graduation carries a labour market penalty in the United States. This seminar was co-hosted by the NZ Work Research Institute and the School of Economics at AUT University. View presentation.

Employment Relations Seminar and Discussion
19 February 2019
Professor John W. Budd presented a seminar on dispute resolution, which was followed by a discussion about NZWRI Employment Relations Research Group projects for 2019.

Productivity of Housing Construction: A literature discussion and scoping exercise
14 February 2019
Dr Nan Jiang presented her research on construction sector productivity to the NZ Productivity Commission. View presentation.

Asia-Pacific Symposium on Emotions in Worklife
3 December 2018 - 13th annual symposium.
This event was a valuable opportunity for obtaining collegial feedback on ongoing research in the area of emotions in work settings.

Global Mobility: Experiences of Filipino Nurses in Iceland
9 November 2018 - Public seminar.
Dr Erla S. Kristjánsdóttir, University of Iceland, presented her research on the experiences of Filipino Nurses in Iceland. View presentation.

The measurement of in-work poverty and why it matters
23 October 2018
Public seminar hosted by the Ministry of Social Development. Visitor Dr Rod Hick of Cardiff University presented insights on the estimation of in-work poverty prevalence in New Zealand. View presentation.

VUW Applied Econometrics Workshop
19 October 2018
Hosted by Victoria University of Wellington, Dr Kabir Dasgupta, Dr Alexander Plum and Dr Christopher Erwin presented their econometric-based papers. View presentations.

Barriers to participation: a symposium
13 September 2018 – Invitation only
This symposium discussed the problems with accessing justice and pursuing employment claims in New Zealand. View presentations.

Utilising census data and critical textual analysis for research
12 September 2018 - Public seminar.
This event was presented by Dr Todd Nachowitz and Dr Nick Thompson.

Pay equity – where are we now?
15 August 2018 - Public information evening.
Panel discussion and Q&A session addressing the differences between equal pay, pay equity and the gender pay gap. View presentations.

Symposium - Living Standards Framework
26 June 2018
Presented by The Treasury and the NZWRI. View presentations.

Deconstructing the Digital Divide
28 May 2018
The latest findings from the World Internet Project NZ were launched at this event, presented by InternetNZ and the NZWRI. View presentation.

Persistence in Low Pay Employment
16 March 2018 
Dr Alexander Plum and Professor Gail Pacheco presented their research on low pay in NZ. View presentation.

Land Use Regulation
2 February 2018
This seminar explored the effect of upzoning on property values using a rich dataset of residential sales transactions.


4 October – Office Space; Wellbeing and Performance
22 September – Ethnicity in the Workspace
6 September – Wellbeing and performance: Which one comes first?
22 August – Democracy and the Internet
11 August – The past, present and future of the World Internet Project
11 August – Business History as a Platform for Progress
11 August – Warrantless arrest laws for domestic violence: How are youth affected?
26 May – Quality of Life Symposium: A multidisciplinary discussion
4 May – How do employees feel about the 4th Industrial Revolution?
10 March – The 'Soda Tax' is Unlikely to Make Mexicans Lighter
1 March – Post-feminist times