Care/Work Research Group


Led by Associate Professor Katherine Ravenswood the Care/Work Research Group brings together research expertise and scholarship on care work to contribute to better practice, policy and scholarship in this field. Care work is work that is done as paid jobs (such as healthcare assistants, nurses, midwives, teaching involving care) and unpaid (such as caring for your family members or volunteering).

The Care/Work Research Group focuses on high quality, critical research that is strongly connected to communities and society. The Group conducts both qualitative and quantitative research, covering multiple perspectives of care work including topics such as:

  • Gender and pay equity
  • Valuing care work in our society
  • Benchmarking workforce trends, managing the workforce
  • Employee wellbeing and health and safety, among care occupants
  • Working mothers
  • Diversity and inclusion: paid and unpaid careers

This Group brings together established research and researchers to build a program of academic research, consultancy and research collaboration with community and industry.

Group Objectives

The Care/Work Research Group is a hub for care work research in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law at AUT University with a national and international footprint. All members work closely with community and industry partners and researchers at other institutions in order to bridge the academic-practice divide. Our goal is to be the first stop for care work expert advice and research in Australasia.

We aim to provide high quality research that contributes to international academic scholarship and that works with our research partners to better inform policy and practice in New Zealand and internationally.

Ongoing Projects

Understanding the Implementation of the 2017 Pay Equity Settlement
Description: This is a three-phase project from 2019 to 2022 working with the Caring Counts Coalition and the Human Rights Commission of New Zealand to understand the impact of the 2017 Pay equity Settlement on managers and employees in the residential aged care, home and community care, disability support, mental health and addiction support sectors. Phase One is complete and the full report can be accessed here. Phase One was also supported by Careforce New Zealand. Phase Two will be conducted in 2020.
Team: Julie Douglas and Katherine Ravenswood

The New Zealand Carework Survey 2019 (formerly aged care workforce survey)
Description: This survey benchmarks trends in the carework workforce in New Zealand. We have conducted and reported on surveys in 2014 and 2016 as well as publishing academic journal articles from the survey data. This year we will extend the survey to include the disability support and mental health addiction sectors.
Team: Katherine Ravenswood and Julie Douglas


Candice Harris 
Julie Douglas
Katherine Ravenswood (Lead researcher)
Tago Mharapara

If you would like to become an actively involved research member please contact us.