Office Space; Wellbeing and Performance

The seminar will be of interest to all those concerned with the wellbeing of staff in relationship to their office space.
The first part looks at the burgeoning interest in open plan office spaces from the perspectives of researchers and from those who manage, design and work in offices. The second part focuses on the growing use of the standing desk as a means of enhancing the physical and psychological wellbeing of the office worker and professional.

Open plan office spaces

Helping or hindering? The demands and resources of open plan environments
Rachel Morrison – Senior Lecturer, Management, AUT

Why the firm moved to an open-plan design and how the change was managed
Kylie Mooney – COO, law firm Meredith Connell

Interviews at Meredith Connell: Change management of the new workspaces
Roy Smollan and Rachel Morrison – Senior Lecturers, Management, AUT

The standing desk
The standing desk, health, wellbeing and productivity
Erica Hinckson – Associate Dean (Postgraduate Research), Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, AUT

4 October 2017
3.30pm – 5pm
WF702, Business School Building
Level 7, 42 Wakefield Street
AUT City Campus

Open to all; attendance is free.

Hosted by the Wellbeing and Performance Research Group.